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Flow4Life is an exciting new lifestyle programme which brings all the benefits of yoga and dance out of the classroom and into your daily life.

Created by one of Ireland’s most experienced and respected teachers, Flow4LIfe combines classic yoga poses with exciting, fun dance moves to promote physical and spiritual harmony. Dee O’Rourke’s unique system is the result of 20 years spent traveling the world, learning dance and teaching Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.

As a mum-of-four, Dee knows what it’s like to juggle domestic and work responsiblilties. Flow4Life is designed to suit all lifestyles and will enrich every aspect of your existence, from health to relationships and career. It won’t hoover the house for you, but it will take the drudgery out of your chores, as you will feel fitter, stronger, healthier and more fluid in everything you do.

If you’re ready to free your body, clear your head and get your life flowing, join Dee at her classes or on one of her international retreats.

What people say about Dee’s Classes

Yoga with Dee is not just about coming through the door and feeling a sense of calm, or being met by Dee’s warmth and innate appreciation of where everyone is ‘at’. It’s not just the gentleness of the group as we start our yoga, or the fact that no two classes are the same. It’s not the bliss of being guided through every movement and breath we need to take.  It is all of the above thrown into a melting pot of movement and thought which leaves you lying on the mat at the end of the class feeling energised and relaxed… a beautiful combination.

Walking down the stairs after the class, and out into the day or evening, your mind and body are as one. You really know how important it is in your life when you will adjust any plans to make sure you can be there.  I know I am grateful to have Dee in my yoga life.

Catherine Crothers 2012


Six years ago I started classes with Dee in Dalkey and today yoga is a very important part of my life. I didn’t realise how bad I was, so I found it really difficult at the beginning, but I persevered and, with Dee’s encouragement and guidance, I am now really flexible and physically stronger. I know it has changed my life for the better and I feel great as a result.

Yoga is not just about the body it is also about the mind and this aspect of yoga was a plus for me. I go to Dee once or maybe twice each week and I come away energised. Thanks, Dee.

Mary Nash May 2013

I started on my yoga journey with Dee over 10 years ago and she remains my teacher today. The reason I have been drawn back to her over the years is the loving, healing and safe space Dee creates through her teaching. She teaches from her heart and this is felt in her classes.  Her classes  are ever-changing and evolving which makes for a refreshing, fun, inspiring and intuitively-led class every time.

You can be sure to leave her class and float back to your everyday life feeling calm, peaceful and smiling from your heart.  Dee has also guided me through the tough times of injury. I have fully recovered from a serious back injury and I know it was yoga that helped my regain my full range of movement  and strength.

I say, with my hand on my heart, I look forward to the next 10 years of  yoga with Dee.

Michelle Carter June 2013


What I like about yoga is that while your mind is saying “You’ll never be able to do that”, my body is doing it!

Meryvin Reid 2013


Flow4Life: yoga and dance – with a twist